Olivia Munn And Bethenny Frankel Pole Dance-off

Olivia Munn And Bethenny Frankel Pole Dance-off, S-EX-y “Magic Mike” actress, Olivia Munn, issued a challenge to talk show host, Bethenny Frankel Tuesday. The star, who is celebrating her birthday, showed off some stripper-pole moves and dished on some parts of the movie.

Tuesday, Celebuzz reported that Munn, who turns 32 today, responded to a challenge from Frankel, and then issued one of her own.

Munn took to the pole in deliberate fashion, not too tart, not too sweet. Sporting a short and flared-out mini, she slid gingerly down the pole and landed safely without a wardrobe malfunction.

Then, it was Frankel’s turn to show off her skills. In fact, she was good enough to have given the “Magic Mike” stars a run for their money.

Bethenny Frankel queried the actress on her “grown-folk” scenes with “Magic Mike” co-star, Channing Tatum.

Munn’s response:

“I would say good to quite good. We kind of like became kids. We had this shower scene that you don’t get to see, we have like, you know, we have our little parts covered…ish. And we get up and we’re just kind of joking and improving and we just go ‘cheers’ (bump their groin area together). Cheers!’”