New Legislation To Be Made

New Legislation To Be Made,ISLAMABAD: A new law is enacted for the trial of terrorists currently held by the armed forces in the tribal areas, Geo News reported on Monday.

Subject to the penalties as severe as the regulations suspended death, life imprisonment, 10 years’ imprisonment may be granted depending on the nature of the crime while the special detention facilities will be established for terrorists.

Sources told Geo News correspondent Ali Asim Rana Law News titled ‘Action Regulation civil power in 2011 “was introduced to take action against terrorists held in Swat and other tribal areas.

The law will take effect with the decline in February 2008 that will apply in the tribal areas administered by Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

A board consisting of two civilians and many military officials deal with cases relating to violation of human rights.

Anyone spreading hate propaganda in PATA will also be considered a criminal could be given to any intelligence agency.

Investigation reports and other documents will be acceptable by the courts and the testimony of officials of the armed forces will also be acceptable and it will be sufficient to establish a crime.