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400-year-old church emerges in reservoir: 400 Year Old Church

400-year-old church emerges in reservoir: 400 Year Old Church, Right now, Mexico has a unique and temporary landmark. The waters in the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir? in Chiapas have receded some 82 feet to reveal a hidden treasure: A 400-year-old colonial church that’s been flooded for nearly 50 years.

The Temple of Santiago? was built in the mid 1500s, and was an important location in its day, sitting right on the King’s Road, a highway built by Spanish conquistadors. It was functional for several hundred years before being abandoned right around the same time that the United States was coming into being. “?The church was abandoned due the big plagues of 1773-1776,” architect Carlos Navarete? told the Associated Press.

The church has been submerged since 1966 when the area was flooded to form the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir?, but this isn’t the first time it’s come back up for air. In 2002, the water receded so far that it was possible to walk through the church’s ruins. And while its existence has been long known, the ancient shape reaching up from the depths is a stunning sight, and a unique tourist attraction. That is, at least until the waters rise again.

China Woman Escalator: Woman Swallowed By Escalator

China Woman Escalator: Woman Swallowed By Escalator, A woman was crushed to death on Sunday after falling through a floor panel at the top of an escalator in a department store in central China.

The woman, aged 30, was carrying her toddler son up the escalator in the store in Hubei province when the floor at the top gave way under her feet.

She managed to shove her son to safety as she was slowly dragged downwards, CCTV footage of the incident posted online shows.

One of the two shop assistants who witness the incident at the top of escalator tries but fails to pull the woman out, while the other assistant hurries the boy away.

According to the Wuhan Evening News, a local paper, maintenance work had been carried out on the escalator at the Anliang shopping mall in Jingzhou, but workers had allegedly forgotten to secure the panel back in place.

It took firefighters more than four hours to access the escalator to recover the body, which showed “no sign of life”.

The tragic incident has fuelled outrage on Chinese social media. It was one of the top topics on Sina Weibo, a microblogging platform, on Monday, with millions of views and comments.

“This is heartbreaking!” one user, Maqi Yaduo wrote. “Why didn’t store employees cordon off or shut down the escalator? The department store is definitely responsible for this.”

Public health and safety is often found wanting in China, as standards are unenforced and sufficient checks are not made.

In 2012 a nine-year-old boy was crushed to death in an escalator in a Beijing department store, to the horror of legions of shoppers.

A 13-year-old boy died and 29 other people were injured in 2011 when an escalator in a Beijing subway station suddenly reversed direction during rush hour.

“I used to think only lifts would kill people – now it looks like escalators aren’t safe either,” one Weibo user wrote. “Next time I’m on an escalator, I’ll jump across [the top].”

China Woman Escalator: Woman Swallowed By Escalator

China Woman Escalator: Woman Swallowed By Escalator

China Woman Escalator: Woman Swallowed By Escalator

Joaquin Guzman: Mexican Drug Lord Escapes Again

Joaquin Guzman: Mexican Drug Lord Escapes Again, After Mexico’s most notorious drug lord stepped into a shower and slipped into a tunnel to escape from a maximum-security prison, authorities vowed it wouldn’t be long before the Sinaloa cartel chief was behind bars again.

Prison security cameras last recorded images of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman on Saturday night, just before he apparently crawled through a hole in the shower area of his cell block at the Altiplano Federal Prison.

Authorities said they later discovered a lighted and ventilated tunnel nearly a mile long that stretched from the prison to a half-built house, where investigators were searching for signs of Guzman’s whereabouts Sunday.

Now a massive manhunt is underway to find Guzman, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said.

Speaking to reporters Sunday from France, where he is traveling on a state visit, Peña Nieto avoided mentioning the drug lord by name, but he said he was closely following news of the escape of a man who has been among the most wanted criminals in Mexico and around the world.

Peña Nieto said he was “deeply troubled” by “a very unfortunate event that has outraged Mexican society.” He vowed that his government would recapture Guzman, step up prison security and investigate whether any prison workers helped the kingpin break out.

“This represents, without a doubt, an affront to the Mexican state, but also I am confident that the institutions of the Mexican state, particularly those in charge of public safety, are at the level, with the strength and determination, to recapture this criminal,” Peña Nieto said.

Guzman is the storied boss of one of the world’s most powerful and deadly drug trafficking operations.

He escaped in 2001 from a high-security prison in a laundry cart and was not apprehended again until 2014, when he was arrested at a Mexican beach resort.

Joaquin Guzman: Mexican Drug Lord Escapes Again

London Schoolgirls ISIS: Schoolgirls Married ISIS Fighters?

London Schoolgirls ISIS: Schoolgirls Married ISIS Fighters?, Two of the three East London schoolgirls who quit the UK to join ISIS in Syria have been married off to the terror group’s militants.

Their distraught families say they have lost all hope that the teenagers will return home.

Police launched an international manhunt for Bethnal Green students Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15, after they fled Britain in February.

Only yesterday, shocking new footage appeared to show to of them walking through the streets of Islamic State’s stronghold of Raqqa, wielding AK47 rifles.

The families have confirmed that two of girls have since contacted them to reveal their marriages to what the teenagers called ‘approved’ ISIS fighters.

The solicitor representing them said they were grieving over the news they had been dreading.

Tasnime Akunjee told the Guardian: ‘It has caused a lot of distress… It entrenches their lives in Syria, rather than in Britain. It erodes significantly hopes that they will come back.’

The schoolgirls told their families that they have been separated and are living apart in and around Raqqa, Syria, which ISIS has adopted as its brutal capital.

The two schoolgirls – who the families do not want to identify – married men in their 20s in a ceremony approved by ISIS authorities after choosing their husbands from a ‘catalogue of suitors’.

Bethnal Green schoolgirls reportedly identified in Syria
The schoolgirls are thought to have followed another 15-year-old girl who travelled to Syria in December after becoming radicalised.

The news emerged after a video was released which alleged to show the three girls walking around Raqqa and carrying automatic rifles.

The footage, which was filmed by activists in the northern Syrian city, purportedly shows at least two of the teenagers dressed in niqabs and shopping for groceries.

But Mr Akunjee says it is unlikely they were the girls, telling the Guardian: ‘At the time the video was shot, two of the girls are known to be married and separated from their friends from east London.

‘The families think the video is unlikely to be them. All three are living apart and those who are married are under the aegis of their husbands and are unlikely to be under the aegis of some woman leader.’

London Schoolgirls ISIS: Schoolgirls Married ISIS Fighters?

London Schoolgirls ISIS: Schoolgirls Married ISIS Fighters?

TransAsia: Report: Pilot Shut Off Wrong Engine

TransAsia: Report: Pilot Shut Off Wrong Engine, The pilot of the TransAsia plane that narrowly dodged high-rise buildings before clipping a bridge and crashing into a river, killing 43 people, acknowledged mistakenly shutting off the only working engine moments beforehand, according to a new report issued by Taiwanese aviation officials Thursday.

The report from Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council confirms preliminary findings released earlier that the pilot of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 cut off fuel from the wrong engine after the other stalled out shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport.

The crash, which was caught on video, killed the entire cockpit crew and injured two people on the ground. Fifteen others survived the crash.

A transcript of audio recordings between the pilot, 42-year-old Liao Chien-tsung, and his co-pilot chronicled the moments leading up to the crash as they realized that one of two engines on the ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft had failed less than one minute after takeoff.

The plane, which was about one year old, was designed to fly on one engine, but that fail-safe evaporated when, 46 seconds after engine No. 2 shut off at an altitude of about 1,200 feet, Liao mistakenly throttled back engine No. 1, causing the plane to completely stall.

After more training and simulated flight checks, Liao qualified as a captain. But similar issues were noted during other training exercises in July 2014.

TransAsia Airways issued a statement saying that it had worked to improve training and safety procedures while assisting investigators. Among the improvements, the airline noted that it had started a new training center, purchased more simulation planes, and formed an aviation safety committee.

A final report on the crash is expected to be released in April 2016.

Since the crash, the airline has so far settled with the families of seven passengers.

TransAsia: Report: Pilot Shut Off Wrong Engine

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies, Former Detroit Lions tight end Charlie Sanders passed away on Thursday at the age of 68, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced. Sanders had been battling cancer since November.

The tight end’s Hall of Fame career started in 1968 when the Lions selected him in the third round of the NFL Draft out of the University of Minnesota, where Sanders played both football and basketball.

Sanders made his mark on the organization right away with a 40-catch, 533-yard rookie season.

The tight ended up being the only rookie to earn a Pro Bowl berth in 1968. The 1968 Pro Bowl appearance was one of seven that Sanders made during his 10-year career. The Hall of Famer was also named first-team All-Pro three times.

When Sanders retired after the 1977 season, he left the NFL with 336 career receptions, which made him the Lions all-time leading receiver. Sanders would hold that distinction for 20 years before Herman Moore passed him in 1996.

After spending his entire 10-year career with the Lions, Sanders decided to stick around after he was done playing. In the years after his retirement, Sanders spent time as a Lions broadcaster (1983-88, 97), coach (1989-96) and personnel scout (1998-2014).

Sanders passed away on Thursday after an eight month battle with cancer. The Lions great was first diagnosed with cancer in November after doctors found a tumor in his right knee, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The tight end was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

Several Lions players took to Twitter on Thursday to tweet their condolences for one of the best players in team history.

Praying for the Sanders family R.I.P. Charlie

— Calvin Johnson, Jr. (@calvinjohnsonjr) July 2, 2015
Extremely saddened to hear about Charlie Sanders. Amazing person who bled Honolulu blue, Detroit lost a good one today. Youll be missed, Rip

— Sam (@SamMartin_6) July 2, 2015
Terrible news about the passing of Charlie Sanders. Honored to have had the opportunity to cross paths with such a legend.#88#HOF#Lions

— Stephen Tulloch (@stephentulloch) July 2, 2015
Heavy Heart Right Now. Rest Easy Charlie! #legend @Lions

— Eric Ebron (@Ebron85) July 2, 2015

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Charlie Sanders Dies: Hall Of Famer Charlie Sanders Dies

Female scientists’ awesome response: #distractinglysexy Tim Hunt Scientists

Female scientists’ awesome response: #distractinglysexy Tim Hunt Scientists, Women the world over are showing Tim Hunt how wrong he was when he talked about the “trouble with girls” in labs.

Hunt, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, has resigned from his position at University College London after he reportedly said the following at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea on Tuesday:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.”

The remarks were slammed as sexist, and the Royal Society, of which he is a member, distanced itself from them in a press release, saying they “have no place in science.”

“The Royal Society believes that too many talented individuals do not fulfil their scientific potential because of issues such as gender discrimination and the Society is committed to helping to put this right.”

Hunt would later apologize for causing any offence, but not for the comments themselves, BBC Radio reported.

“I did mean the part about having trouble with girls,” Hunt told the broadcaster.

“It is true that people – I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it’s very disruptive to the science because it’s terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field.”

Hunt’s comments have provoked a global response from female scientists, who have been tweeting under the hashtag #DistractinglySexy. Vagenda magazine, out of London, started the trend with one simple tweet:

Call for all female scientists to upload pictures of themselves at work with the hashtag #distractinglysexy

– The Vagenda Team (@VagendaMagazine) June 10, 2015

So what does a distractingly sexy scientist look like?

They range from history-makers:

I’m really glad that Curie managed to take a break from crying to discover radium and polonium #distractinglysexy

– Amy Remeikis (@AmyRemeikis) June 11, 2015

Barbara McClintock #distractinglysexy (and my personal science shero)

– MarinaS (@marstrina) June 10, 2015

Rosalind Franklin, made huge contributions to finding the molecular structure of DNA, #distractinglysexy

– Carly Bell (@carlybvlogs) June 10, 2015

AIDS drug pioneer and Nobel Prizewinner Gertrude Elion #distractinglysexy

– The Vagenda Team (@VagendaMagazine) June 10, 2015

To modern researchers:

Stopped crying long enough to upload this #distractinglysexy #TimHunt @VagendaMagazine

– Zoé Vincent-Mistiaen (@zoeivmist) June 10, 2015

Thankfully, worker bees are all female, otherwise… #distractinglysexy #timhunt

– Emily Remnant (@EmsyRemsy) June 10, 2015

And more:

Talk about your #DistractinglySexy females in science: @SUEtheTrex is guilty as charged @FieldMuseum #FossilFriday

– Jonathan Marcot (@JonathanMarcot) June 12, 2015

Following Sir Tim Hunt’s useful advice I’ve updated the laboratory signage #distractinglysexy

– Tom Bishop (@FliesInLakes) June 10, 2015

These scientists are distracting in one sense.

We’re so astonished by their wit, intelligence and humour that we can’t concentrate at work!

Here are some more scientists who are too busy being #distractinglysexy to be “trouble” for Tim Hunt:

I was always #DistractinglySexy in my boiler suit covered with seabird poo during my PhD in field ecology… #TimHunt

– Viola Ross-Smith (@Viola_RS) June 10, 2015

My lenses bring all the profs to the yard. #distractinglysexy

– Nermeen Youssef (@Cleo2atra) June 11, 2015

You might think we’re covered up for bug and sun protection, but it’s really just because we’re #distractinglysexy

– Rachel Penczykowski (@RachelPenczy) June 11, 2015

Tears, laughter, romance, dirty dirty flotation: #archaeology makes me so hot right now #distractinglysexy

– Lorna Richardson (@lornarichardson) June 11, 2015

Hearts in the palm of our hands #distractinglysexy #TimHunt @VagendaMagazine

– ash (@ashcl0ud) June 11, 2015

I had 3 marriage proposals after this talk. Shame I cried too much to accept #distractinglysexy #captioncompetition

– Sammie Buzzard (@TreacherousBuzz) June 11, 2015

Still #distractinglysexy after a full day of cell culture. Didn’t even cry this time, so proud! #HeyaTimHunt

– Lucie de Beauchamp (@lu_debeauchamp) June 11, 2015

Later that day, I filled this Bronze Age ditch with my womanly archaeology tears #distractinglysexy

– Becca⚡️ (@BeccaPritchy) June 11, 2015

Oh don’t mind me. I’m just pipetting while being #distractinglysexy #TimHunt #WomenInSTEM #womeninscience

– Meg Massa (@MegMassa) June 11, 2015

Best part of being a marine ecologist? No one can tell you’re crying underH2O. Though wetsuits are #distractinglysexy

– Angee Doerr (@andoerr) June 11, 2015

I fell in love with the microcentrifuge… typical woman in the lab. #DistractinglySexy

– Point Mutation (@Point_Mutation) June 11, 2015

The #distractinglysexy trend is phenomenal. Here I am shoulder-deep in cow rectum, so seductive!

– justmeness (@VanessaAdams6) June 11, 2015

Trouble with female marine biologists is we just can’t concentrate when wet #distractinglysexy #womeninscience

– Sarah Weston (@MissPlaice) June 11, 2015

Heartbreak for Japan’s 40-year-old virgins: Japan Men Virgins

Heartbreak for Japan’s 40-year-old virgins: Japan Men Virgins, Mr Takashi Sakai is a healthy 41-year-old heterosexual man with a good job and a charming smile. But he’s never had sex, one of a growing number of middle-aged Japanese men who are still virgins.

Mr Sakai has never even had any kind of relationship with a woman, and says he has no idea how he might get to know one. “I’ve never had a girlfriend. It’s never happened,” he said. “It’s not like I’m not interested. I admire women. But I just cannot get on the right track.”

It might sound like the subject for a Hollywood comedy, but far from being the social misfit portrayed by Steve Carell in 2005’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Mr Sakai is one of a crowd.

A 2010 survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research found that around a quarter of Japanese men in their 30s were still virgins – even leading to the coining of a specific term, yaramiso, to describe them.

The figure was up around three percentage points from a similar survey in 1992.

The period corresponds with Japan’s prolonged economic slowdown, after a stock and asset bubble burst and the one-time financial powerhouse suffered years of lacklustre growth.

Matchmaking expert Yoko Itamoto says the economic emasculation has taken its toll on Japan’s men, as more of them struggle to find secure, full-time jobs.

“Many men seem to have lost confidence as they’ve lost their economic muscle,” she said.

“In the past two decades, the situation for Japanese men has been very tough and competitive.”

The pain caused by an inability to form emotional and physical relationships with women is something that one 49-year-old architect, who did not wish to be named, knows too well.

Only twice in his life has he had romantic and sexual feelings for a woman – the first time in his mid-twenties and then again two decades later.

Both rebuffed him.

“It was devastating,” he told AFP. “It seemed to invalidate my life and take away my reason to live.”

On both occasions he suffered rapid weight-loss, and now fears he might live life as a singleton and a virgin.

Directly comparable international statistics are difficult to come by, but Japanese people across the board appear to have less sex than those in other developed countries.

In the 2010 survey quoted above, 68 per cent of 18 to 19 year olds in Japan said they were virgins; a study carried out that year in Europe by condom maker Durex found virginity rates among those aged 15 to 20 were much lower.

For example, fewer than 20 per cent of young Germans had not had sex by the time they hit 20, while even in socially conservative Turkey, the figure was only 37 per cent.

For Mr Shingo Sakatsume, there is something of a conundrum about modern Japan: a country where images of sex are everywhere – on television, in comic books and on many city streets – yet serious conversations about it are few and far between.

“In today’s Japan, we have no place to learn about sex or how to form a romantic relationship,” he said.

Mr Sakatsume runs the non-profit group White Hands, which helps heavily handicapped people find an outlet for their sexual needs, based on the credo: “Sexual maturity means social maturity.”

“Even if the person has disabilities, one who recognises and accepts his own sexuality tends to be able to build balanced relations with others,” he said.

“People who are not sexually mature tend to get timid socially.”

Heartbreak for Japan's 40-year-old virgins: Japan Men Virgins