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First Openly Gay Player Lands On NBA Team

First Openly Gay Player Lands On NBA Team, Jason Collins, who hasn’t had a job this season, is finalizing details on a 10-day contract., Nets to sign Jason Collins, NBA’s first openly gay player, Jason Collins has reached agreement on a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets, clearing the way for the first openly gay athlete in major professional sports history, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Collins will be signed and available to play on Sunday when the Nets meet the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center, sources told Yahoo.

After Glen “Big Baby” Davis decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, the Nets moved onto Plan B – bringing Collins back into the NBA, sources said.

After agreeing to a buyout with the Orlando Magic, Davis is expected to clear waivers at 5 p.m. on Sunday and will sign a deal for the rest of the season with his former Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Collins revealed his sexuality in the spring, and had gone throughout the NBA preseason and regular season without a job offer. Once the Nets missed out on free agent Davis on Sunday, they moved to complete the process of signing Collins as a backup big man.

Collins, 35, has been out of the NBA since completing the 2012-’13 season with the Washington Wizards.

Collins played parts of seven years with the Nets between 2001-08, and his ex-teammate, Jason Kidd, now the Nets coach, has been advocate of signing him. Collins played with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce with the Boston Celtics.

Who Should Carry Canada’s Flag At The Closing Ceremony?

Who Should Carry Canada’s Flag At The Closing Ceremony?, Hayley Wickenheiser led Canada into Sochi and there are plenty of athletes who deserve to be called upon for the closing ceremony.,

Six candidates to carry Canada’s flag at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

The Olympics have given us many intriguing storylines over the past two weeks, and now it’s time to focus on the final one. Who will carry Canada’s flag at the Sochi 2014 Closing Ceremony? Although some potential candidates Jan Hudec, have already left Sochi, there are still a number of excellent candidates to pick from. As the Games come to a close, let the debate begin.

Alex Bilodeau

He is the only freestyle skier to ever successfully defend an Olympic gold medal. Alex Bilodeau was a top candidate to bear Canada’s flag at the 2010 Closing Ceremony in Vancouver and at this year’s Opening Ceremony in Sochi, but didn’t get the call either time. The king of moguls is now heading into retirement, so this is the last chance for Bilodeau to carry the flag. A freestyle skier has never led Canada into the Closing Ceremony at an Olympics, and the last person to do it at the Opening Ceremony was Jean-Luc Brassard at Nagano in 1998. A Bilodeau selection would also recognize the contributions of French-Canadian athletes, as Quebec has accounted for more medals than any other province at these Games. Although Bilodeau left Sochi earlier this week, he said that he would fly back if chosen as flag bearer.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

The Canadian Olympic Committee could subtly let everyone know its feelings about the ice dance judging controversy by making Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir co-flag bearers. (Though speaking out about the judging could damage relations with certain skating federations, as well as the IOC.) The decision would also be a tip of the cap to the team that won two silver medals in Sochi, in what is probably their last Olympics. The sweethearts of ice dance would be Canada’s first co-flag bearers since Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at Salt Lake City 2002. Of course, that duo was also rocked by a judging controversy.

Who Should Carry Canada's Flag At The Closing Ceremony?

Nightmarish Scene For German Biathlete

Nightmarish Scene For German Biathlete, If you watched the women’s biathlon relay, it was hard not to feel bad for Germany’s Franziska Preuss., German biathlete has a heartbreaking day – she falls, loses a ski pole and gets snow stuck in her rifle, At one point, the German women were the favorites to win Friday’s biathlon relay. They’re a powerhouse in the event, having medalled at every Winter Olympics since the event was introduced in 1992, a streak that included two golds.

Between a drug controversy that hit the German biathletes earlier in the day, and Franziska Preuss’ heartbreaking first leg of the race, things went horribly awry for the Germans on Friday.

Preuss crashed early in the race, though it wasn’t televised. When TV cameras caught up to her, she only had one ski pole. As you can imagine, that’s not good.

That wasn’t her final speed bump, though. When she arrived at the shooting portion of the race, snow was stuck in her rifle, and she had to blow it out. By the time she took aim, all her competitors were already gone.

At the end of her leg of the relay, the Germans were more than a minute behind. It’s safe to say that was a spirit-killer for the Germans, who were already reeling from teammate Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle getting kicked out of the Sochi Games following a testing positive for a stimulant. She wasn’t supposed to participate in the relay, but the news still impacted the team.

After the disappointing performance, Germany’s Andrea Henkel, who skied the second leg, told the Associated Press: “We tried to focus on the race, like we all do the time. It was not so easy, but we did our best.”

You probably already guessed this by now, but there was no medal this year for the Germans.

Creepy Allegations Leveled At Russian Media

Creepy Allegations Leveled At Russian Media, Julia Lipnitskaia’s figure skating coach says reporters bugged her locker room and stalked her family., Julia Lipnitskaia’s coach blamed the Russian media’s intense coverage of the teen figure skating star for her subpar performance in the Sochi Olympics figure skating competition.

Eteri Tutberidze said reporters bugged the locker room at Lipnitskaia’s practice rink in Moscow with listening devices after the 15-year-old left the Winter Games to train for the ladies individual competition. The coach also accused the media of stalking Lipnitskaia’s family in her hometown of Nizhny Bardym, a village in the Ural Mountains with a population of just 300.

Tutberidze said the media coverage got so bad that Lipnitskaia had to be evacuated from the practice rink every night to escape reporters. Also, Lipnitskaia had to be booked on numerous flights in order to keep her travel itinerary a secret from the press.

The coach spoke out against the media circus on Thursday after Lipnitskaia fell twice in her long program and finished in fifth place.

“We thought we had a chance here to go back to Moscow to practice at our pace,” Tutberidze said. “But journalists just didn’t give us a chance to be left alone.

“It was laughable because we had to evacuate this child from the practice rink,” she added. “Listening devices and bugs were found installed in the locker room. And these weren’t done by fans.”

Lipnitskaia attracted the Olympic spotlight early in the Games after helping Russia win gold in the team competition. That success only increased the Russian press’ obsession with Lipnitskaia, who prepared for Sochi by winning the European Championships.

Lipnitskaia admitted after her free skate that the mounting pressure and nonstop attention finally caught up with her. She made it clear that she was “not talking about all journalists.”

“[They were] in Ekaterinburg with my relatives, in Moscow with me I wish I could complain to someone about them,” Lipnitskaia said.

Lipnitskaia said the media’s coverage wasn’t the main reason for her disappointing performance in ladies singles.

Plane Grounded After Bomb Threat Linked To Sochi Olympics

Plane Grounded After Bomb Threat Linked To Sochi Olympics, A passenger on the flight from Istanbul to the Ukraine reportedly said there was a bomb on board and demanded to land in Sochi., Turkish official: Passenger with bomb claim tried to hijack plane to Sochi as Olympics begin, A Ukrainian passenger on an Istanbul-bound flight Friday claimed there was a bomb on board and tried to hijack the plane to Sochi, Russia, where the Olympics are kicking off, an official said.

The plane from Kharkiv, Ukraine, landed safely at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport, but 110 passengers are still on board and authorities are trying to convince the alleged hijacker to give himself up, Habib Soluk, the country’s Transport Ministry undersecretary, told NTV television.

The station reported the man had been subdued, but there was no immediate confirmation of that. The Interfax news agency cited the Ukrainian Security Service, the country’s main security agency, as saying the passenger who tried to hijack the plane was in a state of severe alcohol intoxication. It also said he has been pacified, and no weapons or explosives were found on him, but it was not clear where the information was coming from.

Soluk said the man rose from his seat, shouted that there was bomb on board and tried to enter the locked cockpit. The pilot signalled that there was a hijack attempt and the airport was placed on high alert.

“The man was made to believe the plane was heading to Sochi,” he said. “We are hoping that the passengers are evacuated without even a nose-bleed.”

Pegasus Airlines confirmed in a brief statement there was a “bomb threat” aboard their flight from Kharkiv.

The plane’s captain, Ilyas Karagulle, signalled that the crew was well, according to state-run TRT television.

With about 100,000 police, security agents and army troops flooding Sochi, Russia has pledged to ensure “the safest Olympics in history.” But terror fears fueled by recent suicide bombings have left athletes, spectators and officials worldwide jittery about potential threats.

Security experts warn that Islamic militants in the Caucasus, who have threatened to derail the Winter Games that run from Feb. 7-23, could achieve their goal by choosing soft targets away from the Olympic sites or even outside Sochi.

The back-to-back December suicide bombings of a railway station and a bus in Volgograd, about 640 kilometres (400 miles) east of Sochi, killed 34 people and demonstrated the militants’ ability to strike with shocking ease. A jihadist group in Dagestan, the epicenter of the Islamic rebellion against Russia that has engulfed the Caucasus, claimed responsibility for the Volgograd bombings and has threatened to strike Sochi.

Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony Marred By Symbolic Glitch

Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony Marred By Symbolic Glitch, These snowflakes were supposed to mimic the iconic Games rings recognized around the world, but something went wrong., Sochi Opening Ceremony glitch: only four of five rings light up, The Sochi Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games began so spectacularly, with a young child being lifted into the air amid nine gargantuan floating ships. But it didn’t take long for something to go wrong.

As a fog-wreathed chorus dressed in traditional Russian costumes sang, five snowflakes rose gracefully above the stadium floor:

Lovely, yes? And you could see what was coming next. Slowly but surely, the snowflakes began to transform:

Well, almost all of them did. And then we had a nearly-complete set of Olympic rings:

Well, it was close, albeit with a built-in asterisk. The Sochi Olympics: 80 percent ready to roll.

Tragedy For Olympic Gymnast Turned Skier

Tragedy For Olympic Gymnast Turned Skier, Lais Souza competed in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Games and was looking to make history for Brazil., Brazilian gymnast turned freestyle skier cannot move arms or legs after training accident, A gymnast who was attempting to become Brazil’s first freestyle skier at a Winter Games is now facing a long road to recovery after a training accident on Monday. Lais Souza, a 25-year-old who competed for Brazil in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics, suffered “severe trauma” to her spine after crashing during a training run in Salt Lake City.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee reports that Souza cannot move her arms or legs. She is breathing with the help of ventilators, doctors say, and is awake and following commands. Souza is currently in the intensive care unit at University of Utah hospital.

”Lais has a long recovery process in front of her,” Team Brasil doctor Antonio Marttos said in a statement. ”A long-term prognostic cannot be predicted at this time. Her medical team is doing everything possible to allow her to have the best recovery possible.”

The BOC said the 25-year-old Souza was wearing a helmet when the accident happened as she skied ”freely” alongside Canadian coach Ryan Snow at Park City. The committee said she was not injured while practicing her freestyle maneuvers, but no other details on the accident were provided.

Souza had not yet qualified for next month’s Sochi Games, but was expected to earn a bid. The AP reports that Souza missed the London Games in 2012 because of a hand injury.

Sleeved NBA All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

Sleeved NBA All-Star Jerseys Unveiled, The NBA unveils sleeved jerseys for the 2014 NBA All Star Game in New Orleans., 2014 NBA All-Star Game jerseys leaked by French website: Yes, they have sleeves ,

The original page has since gone bye-bye, but the toothpaste is out of the tube: French basketball apparel site posted images of the 2014 NBA All-Star jerseys on Tuesday, jumping the gun on the official unveiling date and introducing the world to the uniforms designed by Adidas that the Eastern and Western Conference All-Star teams will be sporting in New Orleans on Sunday, Feb. 16.

Here they are, as captured by Paul Lukas and Phil Hecken of UniWatch:

EXCLUSIVE! NBA All-Star jersey leaked on French site. I confirm it’s the real deal –>

– Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) January 16, 2014

Front & Back of the leaked NBA ASG unis -> (confirmed as legit by @UniWatch)

– Phil Hecken (@PhilHecken) January 16, 2014

Chris Creamer of shagged down this tweet from Spanish apparel site that shows the Western Conference counterparts and warm-up jackets, too:

Los “pijamas” del All Star ya han salido a la luz #allstar #nba

– FUIKAOMAR (@FUIKAOMAR) January 16, 2014

In his initial tweet, Lukas confirmed that the East jersey was “the real deal.” For what it’s worth, I can, too; I did get a chance to see these recently, and this is what they look like. Just as they did on Christmas Day, NBA players will be wearing sleeved jerseys during the 2014 All-Star Game.

I won’t say anything else about them just yet, but I suspect you have quite a few thoughts on these; I’ll just step out of the way here and let you continue down to the comments section to let ‘em rip.