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700 Troops Sent To Pakistan’s ‘Red Zone’

700 Troops Sent To Pakistan’s ‘Red Zone’, Tens of thousands of protesters armed with wire cutters and backed by cranes broke through barriers protecting Pakistan’s parliament and other government buildings Tuesday night, demanding the country’s prime minister resign.

Government authorities had warned they would not allow protesters to enter Islamabad’s “Red Zone,” but the demonstrators met no immediate resistance from police or the hundreds of troops guarding the buildings.

Wearing masks and carrying makeshift shields, they hammered through barbed wire and locks connecting shipping containers that had been erected as a barrier around the zone, which also holds the president’s and prime minister’s ceremonial homes and many diplomatic posts.

Demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, they shouted, “Go, Nawaz, go!” Excited young men and women made V-for-victory signs.

A government minister, Saad Rafiq, said the prime minister allowed the protesters to enter the sensitive area to avoid bloodshed.

Quetta 16 Including Fc Personnel Twin Blasts

Quetta 16 Including Fc Personnel Twin Blasts, QUETTA: Twin suicide blasts in Civil Lines area of Quetta near commissioner office killed sixteen people including three FC personnel while over 30 got injured on Wednesday, Geo News reported.

According to police sources, one of the attackers rammed a car carrying explosives into an FC vehicle standing outside DIG FC house while the other entered the house and started firing who later blew himself up.

Both the blasts killed three FC personnel and 13 locals while more than 30 persons got hurt.

A rickshaw at the incident site also caught fire while the nearby buildings were damaged as a result of blast.

Rescue teams reached the spot to shift dead bodies and injured people to the civil hospital, Quetta while bomb disposal squad and fire extinguishing teams also reached the spot.

It is important to note that Civil Lines is a red zone area due to the presence of governor house, chief minister and DIG FC house while treasury office is also located in the same area. (GEO)

SHO, Who Freed Held Accused

SHO, Who Freed Held Accused, LAHORE: The Station House Officer (SHO), who had released the six accused of robbery and theft caught red handed by his subordinates taking heavy bribe, has also fled away, Geo News reported.

Police said that Wahdat Colony SHO, Hamid had released the six accused of robbery and theft caught red handed by his subordinates taking heavy bribe. But the matter coming into the notice of the higher officials, the SHO after arrest was locked up. However, when the media team reached the police station, it was revealed that the SHO had already fled away.

A case has been registered against the four police guards for negligence and facilitating in his fleeing away. (GEO)

Electricity Shortfall In Pakistan

Electricity Shortfall In Pakistan, LAHORE: Electricity shortfall continues in Pakistan and currently stands at 2,514 MW, Geo News reported Wednesday. According to PEPCO, electricity generation is 13,493 while demand is 16,007.

Despite the shortfall KESC is being provided 730 MW. Hydel is generating 5,865 MW, thermal 1,548, IPPs 5,951 and RPPs are generating 129 MW. (GEO)

Nato Containers En-route Pakistan: Wikileaks

Nato Containers En-route Pakistan: Wikileaks, KARACHI: U.S. Ambassador in Pakistan N. Patterson in a cable dated November 17, 2008 sent to Washington denied that the U.S.-Nato military containers en-route Pakistan to Afghanistan ever carried arms or ammunitions, according to WikiLeaks.

It was reported in the Pakistani media that at times containers were hijacked and arms stolen were being sold across the country, which the cable clarified that arms, ammunitions and sensitive equipments were never carried to Afghanistan by road en-route Pakistan and media reports in this regards are nothing but figment of imagination. (GEO)

Consensus In Taking Against Al-Qaeda

Consensus In Taking Against Al-Qaeda, RAWALPINDI: Military spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas said there was consensus between the army and CIA in taking action against Al-Qaeda and their supporters, Geo News reported Wednesday.

He added that in the past, successful operation against terrorists had been conducted with the help of the CIA.

According to the military spokesman, the army was following Al-Qaeda operative Younis al-Mauritani since last October and he was captured in collaboration with the CIA this week. (GEO)

The Closer: PPP-MQM Political Reunion

The Closer: PPP-MQM Political Reunion, After agreeing to keep the fear factor Zulfiqar Mirza Dr aside for a moment and dash the hopes of the hole for asylum in the political impasse because of Karachi, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has opened its arms to will embrace a Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) homecoming government, sources from both political parties told Daily Times on Monday.

“The ice between the two sides was broken when the exiled leader of MQM telephoned Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in London after moving from hospital to his home on Sunday. Heat added to the links between the two sides was provided by him on Monday when he called on President Asif Zardari, “said sources in the PPP.

A source close to an assistant to the president, currently engaged in negotiations with the MQM, said persuasion continued the PPP MQM to join the government was in fact part of a political understanding between the two parties to open the way for it to join the government in a respectful way that much dirt was thrown on political relations between the two.

The exiled leader had in fact looked like the man on the tip of the MQM PPP that the party needed a sane reason to join the government after leaving the ruling coalition following the emergence of difference in the seats reserved for Kashmiris in Karachi during the general election AJK.

Sources in the MQM, on the other hand confirmed that the party had made his decision to join the government in the early stages, but Dr. Mirza’s diatribe against the MQM and its leader and manipulated media reports relating to assassinate Dr. Imran Farooq has delayed the process left to join the ruling coalition.

A party source said the decision to join the government, despite the seriousness of the allegations against the MQM and its leadership was made following a commitment by senior leaders of PPP that the statements of Dr. Mirza was not to do with party policy, vis-à-vis its allies, particularly the MQM.

PPP sources said the party leadership had in fact worked hard to create an atmosphere to help the MQM to join the coalition led by the party without compromising his political reputation as a bastion, the urban centers of Sindh.

PPP sources said the party leadership had instructed its neo-point man MQM Syed Khurshid Shah, an important figure in part of Sind, to help the ally to find a way to enter the respectable corridors of power while keeping the element of Dr. Mirza side.

The PPP does not believe that it would compromise his strong constituencies in Sindh, where most of its members have traditionally been elected since the party in 1967. Dr. Mirza factor would never come into play against the PPP no matter what happens that neither he intended to damage the party in rural Sindh, nor would he allow the nationalists in Sindh to grow larger than their size policy in all circumstances, according to sources.

Sources in the PPP, but apprehensive audience from the military establishment on the situation in Karachi twice in a few weeks were very satisfied with the role of the Supreme Court to the extent not let turbulence Karachi gain political complexion of the political and administrative failure of the provincial government.

The source said the PPP MQM to join the coalition government for at least a half dozen times in three and a half years of PPP rule is in fact a strong message to those seeking a hole in the political system. In this context, said a close associate of a senior minister of the federal government of Sindh, the leaders of both parties sought insistently a renewed relationship between the two major forces in the province of Sindh to work for the strengthening democracy.

Political observers are attaching great importance to the renewed political ties between the two parties who are the real representatives of Sindh now. Observers believe that the allegations Zulfiqar Mirza, so powerful, and require a judicial inquiry by a legal review. However, it would be unwise to keep the hostage of the political system to a diatribe regardless of how credible it may seem and how strongly presented and motivated with the help of documents and investigative reports.

Arguing that Dr. Mirza has reached an instant popularity and credibility following his one month’s most watched and talked about news conference last end, observers said that the issues raised by him should be probed thoroughly, including including the question of how he managed to get hold of what is called hard facts and factors of law and order situation in the port city of the country.

Justice Javed Tipped As NAB Chief

Justice Javed Tipped As NAB Chief, ISLAMABAD: The law ministry has sent a summary to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani about the appointment of recently-retired Supreme Court judge Justice Javed Iqbal as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman.

Sources privy to the development told Dawn on Monday that the government had earlier decided to appoint a retired judge of the apex court, Sardar Raza Khan, as NAB chief, but changed its mind after the retirement of Justice Iqbal.

“We are considering three names and Justice Iqbal is one of them,” Law Minister Moula Bakhsh Chandio said, adding that he would be the `best` choice.

The sources said the law ministry had sent a summary to the prime minister a month ago about the appointment of Justice Raza and this had been confirmed by adviser to the law minister Farooq Awan. But the prime minister did not approve it and directed the law ministry to include the name of Justice Iqbal in the summary.

Answering a question about the constitutional requirement of consulting with Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on the proposed name, Mr Chandio said: “We will seek the opposition`s consent on the name of justice Iqbal.” But, he added, the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-N was reluctant to sit with the government on the issue.

Asked if he had discussed the issue with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the law minister said he had met the chief justice after a meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council but had not discussed with him the NAB chief`s appointment. (DAWN)