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Klum 42 declares love for BF 29: Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel

Klum 42 declares love for BF 29: Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel, They’re enjoying something of a sunshine break together and supermodel Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Vito Schnabel took up a sporty pursuit on Wednesday.

The loved-up couple headed to the Pevero Club golf course in Sardinia following Vitos’s 29th birthday earlier in the week.

Showing they share similar interests, the couple headed out into the sunshine, where they worked their way around the idyllic looking golf course.

Heidi, 42, covered up her bikini with a yellow printed sarong which she fashioned into a criss-cross shaped top.

She teamed it with a short denim mini skirt and made sure she stayed sun safe with a straw hat and sunglasses.

Her man went for a smart casual look in stone chino shorts and a navy polo shirt, topping off the look with a pair of light brown trainers.

Showing that their love is going from strength to strength, the couple were pictured walking arm-in-arm over the hill as they made their way to the next hole.

In a new Instagram post to mark his big day Heidi wrote: ‘I love you my V HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ alongside an adorable picture of the pair enjoying their loved-up break away.

Vito and Heidi have been inseparable since they were first linked in March last year.

Heidi, formerly married with children to Seal, broke things off with her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kristen earlier that year.

Schnabel shares her famous dating history and was previously involved with actress Demi Moore before Heidi.

They’ve so far paid a visit to Leonardo DiCaprio’s lavish yacht, after they joined him for his second foundation gala in St-Tropez last week.

Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel

Trump: Breastfeeding mom ‘disgusting': Donald Trump Disgusting

Trump: Breastfeeding mom ‘disgusting': Donald Trump Disgusting, Donald Trump had an “absolute meltdown” when a lawyer requested a break from a 2011 deposition to pump breast milk.

“He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed, ‘You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting,’ and he ran out of there,” attorney Elizabeth Beck told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday morning.

The incident was described in a letter from Jared Beck, Elizabeth’s co-counsel and husband, obtained by CNN and first reported Tuesday by the New York Times.

Trump’s attorney Allen Garten, who was present for the deposition, does not dispute that Trump called Beck “disgusting.”

Trump slammed Beck’s interview in a tweet to CNN Politics on Wednesday morning:

“Lawyer Elizabeth Beck did a terrible job against me, she lost (I even got legal fees). I loved beating her,she was easy,” he tweeted.

.CNN & @CNNPolitics Lawyer Elizabeth Beck did a terrible job against me, she lost (I even got legal fees). I loved beating her,she was easy

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 29, 2015

Garten, executive vice president and general counsel at The Trump Organization, said Trump called Beck “disgusting” because she was about to use her breast pump in the middle of the deposition room.

“She was disgusting,” Garten said in a phone interview with CNN. “She was attempting to breast feed — to pump in the middle of a deposition, in a deposition room with five lawyers and was not excusing herself.”

Garten said Beck started to assemble the pump in the deposition room and “started to move the breast pump toward her breast.”

He claimed Beck orchestrated the stunt because “she ran out of questions and she didn’t know what to do.”

“This is not about breastfeeding … it’s just not,” Garten insisted.

Beck painted a very different picture, saying Trump was the one whose behavior was “unprofessional” and displayed a “lack of self-control.”

“What kind of a leader of the United States would that be? Is he going to behave that way when he’s negotiating treaties with China or Russia?” she said.

Beck insisted that the breast-pumping break was set to coincide with a pre-scheduled lunch break at 12:30, but that Trump decided at the last minute he did not want a break. An email exchange between Beck and a law firm representing Trump shows a lunch order was made and set to arrive around noon.

Garten disputed that, insisting the only pre-scheduled break was one set for 3 p.m. for Beck to pump breast milk privately in a separate room.

And Trump was intent on proceeding through the deposition without any additional breaks, according to a transcript of the deposition CNN obtained through public records.

He even refused to take a break when one of his attorneys requested to go to the bathroom, instead insisting another lawyer could take over and allow the deposition to continue.

Trump: Breastfeeding mom 'disgusting': Donald Trump Disgusting

Trump: Breastfeeding mom 'disgusting': Donald Trump Disgusting

Rocker arrested for alleged DUI: Wes Scantlin Arrest

Rocker arrested for alleged DUI: Wes Scantlin Arrest, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Minnesota on Sunday, FOX411 has learned.

According to TMZ, police spotted Scantlin speeding and when the singer did not pull over, cops were led on a 100 MPH chase.

When they caught up with Scantlin, he was allegedly slurring his words and smelled of alcohol. Scantlin scored a .310 on a breathalyzer test, which is four times the legal limit, according to TMZ. He was charged with a DWI and fleeing a police officer, according to the Renville County Jail’s website, which still lists Scantlin as an inmate.

The singer was arrested for drug possession in 2012 and domestic violence in 2013.

Rocker arrested for alleged DUI: Wes Scantlin Arrest

John Stamos Uncle Jesse: ‘Uncle Jesse’ is Back, Sideburns & All

John Stamos Uncle Jesse: ‘Uncle Jesse’ is Back, Sideburns & All, John Stamos posts photo of himself on set of ‘Fuller House.’
Uncle Jesse is back at it.

John Stamos shared a picture of himself holding a “Fuller House” script onset of the new Netflix show on Saturday.

“Same sideburns- different decade,” he captioned the snap.

Time has been kind to the actor who doesn’t appear to have changed much since his “Full House” days.

The post comes one day after the actor returned to his social media accounts after taking a break since entering a rehab for substance abuse almost a month ago.

“I’m back! Took a month to take care of things. Healthy,” he tweeted out Friday. “Feeling grateful for the love & support of family & friends.”
Stamos isn’t the only character returning for the remake of the 90’s show.

Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, David Coulier, Lori Loughlin, Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin have all signed on to revive their “Full House” characters.

Brandon Jenner Leah Jenner Baby: New Jenner Girl Arrives

Brandon Jenner Leah Jenner Baby: New Jenner Girl Arrives, Leah Jenner and Brandon Jenner have welcomed a baby girl.

They couple took to her Instagram to announce the happy news.

The statement read: “On Wednesday, July 22nd I became a Mom.

“It has without a doubt been the most profoundly beautiful time in my life but also emotionally, spiritually and physically challenging too…and I am so grateful for every second of it.

“Brandon and I are taking care of our healthy, little baby girl Eva James Jenner.”

And the news makes Caitlyn Jenner a grandparent once again.

Brandon, 34, and Leah Jenner, 32, actually welcomed a daughter on Wednesday before making the announcement over the weekend.

The exciting baby news comes after the relatively private couple chronicled their journey to parenthood with a variety of updates on Instagram.

Leah first announced in March she was expecting and in June confirmed the gender.

“I feel like Jabba the Hutt, but I have this hot man nurse, soooo . . . ” she wrote on July 14.

And now they will be delighted that their baby has arrived safe and sound.

“I feel honored to have this little life growing inside me, and I’m amazed by the power of the female body. I love being pregnant.”

Leah and Brandon have appeared opposite Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian as well as Caitlyn’s ex-Kris Jenner, 59, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Brandon’s half-sisters are Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17.

Brandon and Leah will also play a role on E!’s I Am Cait and the arrival of their daughter could be a part of the show.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Brandon Jenner Leah Jenner Baby: New Jenner Girl Arrives

Brandon Jenner Leah Jenner Baby: New Jenner Girl Arrives

Tom Cruise Top Gun: Tom Cruise Weighs In On ‘Top Gun’ Rumors

Tom Cruise Top Gun: Tom Cruise Weighs In On ‘Top Gun’ Rumors, Tom Cruise is ready to reprise his role as hot-shot fighter pilot Maverick. At the London premiere of his latest action flick, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the 53-year-old actor told Reuters, “It would be fun. I would like to get back into those jets.”

That’s certainly not confirmation that Cruise is on board for another high-flying movie full of dogfights and sharp one-liners, but it does mean that he’s interested. Cruise won’t just make any Top Gun sequel, though. He noted that “it would have to be practical. I don’t want any CGI jets. I want to shoot it like how we shot the first one.”

“I don’t want any CGI jets.”

Whether or not Tom Cruise gets in on the action, it seems Top Gun 2 is all but inevitable at this point. Jerry Bruckheimer has been pushing to make a sequel for years, and the latest reports say that the screenplay is currently in the works. Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison told Collider last month that preproduction was underway and let loose that the plot will feature some unmanned aerial drones. He said that the “it’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots,” adding, “There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie.”

Shia LaBeouf: Actor ‘Would Have Killed’ Girlfriend?

Shia LaBeouf: Actor ‘Would Have Killed’ Girlfriend?, A fight between Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth was caught on a camera in Germany, and the disturbing footage shows the actor admitting he “would have killed” her if they were not separated. Watch below.

The incident is said to have taken place on Friday in Tubingen. The video, which is several different clips spliced together, shows LaBeouf getting out of a taxi, and telling Goth, “I don’t wanna touch you. I don’t wanna be aggressive. This is the kind of sh*t that makes a person abusive.” He repeatedly demands his backpack from the cab, as Goth remains silent.

Local residents are seen offering LaBeouf a ride to the airport, and he tells them, “I don’t want to touch a woman. I don’t want to hit a woman. But I’m being pushed.” Then, in a car with them, the actor says, “If I’d have stayed there, I would have killed her.” Bizarrely, LaBeouf then tries to call Megan Fox, and later, the conversation with the locals turns to guns. It’s when they arrive at the airport that it becomes clear LaBeouf was apparently injured in the dispute with Goth.

The star, however, turns down their offer to take him to a hospital. LaBeouf tells them, “You saved my life, man.” The camera is then changed to be selfie-style, and while posing with the men, LaBeouf promises that if they come to Los Angeles, they can stay at his home.

Goth was reportedly seen on Saturday with a black eye, but that has NOT been confirmed. Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for LaBeouf for comment, but did not immediately hear back. The actor received out-patient treatment for alcohol addiction last summer, following his Cabaret arrest and a fight outside a strip cub.

New York Magazine Bill Cosby: 35 Cosby Accusers Describe Abuse

New York Magazine Bill Cosby: 35 Cosby Accusers Describe Abuse, The New York magazine issue about Bill Cosby’s alleged victims publishes Monday, while the Daily News covers the allegations against him.

There was the disoriented and drugged woman who said Bill Cosby put his forearm under her throat after she revealed to hotel staff she was 19 and staying with the superstar.

There was the woman who couldn’t form words as the star of “The Cosby Show” leered at her and her unconscious friend with “a very predatory look on his face,” according to a New York magazine article that publishes Monday.

And there was the woman who thought she was one of Cosby’s best friends – until she woke up naked after he plied her with medicine for a “headache.”

Those are the stunning stories of three of 35 women who told the magazine they were assaulted by the disgraced cultural icon once called “America’s Dad.”

They all agreed to be photographed for the article, powerfully illustrating Cosby’s alleged decades-long pattern of cold, calculating sexual assault.

Social status was not a factor in who became Cosby victims. Any woman who entered his orbit could potentially end up fading in and out of reality after he drugged them with powerful Quaaludes, the victims say.

Waitresses, Playboy bunnies, journalists and women at all levels of show business are among the women who charge Cosby took advantage of them.

They range in age from their early 20s to 80.

Cosby’s image as a wholesome, trustworthy man with a sure moral compass helped make them more vulnerable to his alleged trickery.

“I went into this thinking he was going to be my father. To wake up half-dressed and raped by the man that said he was going to love me like a father? That’s pretty sick,” Barbara Bowman, 48, said, of her encounters with Cosby in the 1980s.

She didn’t feel like she could tell anyone what he’d done to her.