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Salman Khan Hit and Run

Salman Khan Hit and Run, All eyes are set on the hit-and-run case in which Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, charged with killing one person and injuring four by ramming his car into a shop in 2002, would appear in court today to put up his defence and explain the circumstances that led to the mishap.

It would be a crucial test for the 49-year-old actor as he gets an opportunity to give his version about the mishap that occurred in the wee hours of September 28, 2002 when his car ran over people sleeping on pavement outside a bakery in suburban Bandra in Mumbai.

Judge DW Deshpande has summoned Mr Khan to appear today to give his statement under section 313 of Code of Criminal Procedures (CrPc) which comes at the fag end of the trial after the prosecution closed its evidence by examining more than 25 witnesses in court.

Under this provision of CrPc, not only the accused gets a chance to put across his contention on the evidence adduced by the prosecution but also the court can ask him questions to clarify any ambiguity that may have cropped up during the trial, special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat told the Press Trust of India.

After his statement is recorded, Mr Khan would also get an opportunity to examine defence witnesses if he wants to do so.

The court would then hear arguments of both the sides before giving its verdict, Mr Gharat said.

This is a fresh trial being held in a sessions court after a Magistrate added the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder which lays down punishment up to ten years.

Man Spends His Last Months Making Wife’s Dreams Come True

Man Spends His Last Months Making Wife’s Dreams Come True, Instead of trying to checking off his own bucket list, Chris Price dedicated the end of his life to his wife Ceri., Dying man spends last six months making wife’s dreams come true, When Chris Price learned he didn’t have long to live, he didn’t set out to check off items on his own bucket list. Instead, he decided to make all his girlfriend’s dreams come true.

Chris, 26, from South Wales, proposed to his girlfriend, Ceri, 29, shortly after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had just six months to live.

In the short time he had left, he vowed to give the “love of his life” everything she ever wanted.

“It was as if Chris wanted to spend his last days making me as happy as he could,” Ceri tells Wales New Service. “We did such a lot in those last six months. He was so positive he never talked about dying, he just wanted to see me and the children happy in the time he had left.”

Chris and Ceri wed in front of family and friends last August, with Ceri’s four children – nine-year-old Halle and six-year-old triplets Evan, Morgan and Georgia – as the guests of honour.

Not long after, Chris surprised Ceri and his stepchildren with a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Then he flew Ceri to New York for a romantic weekend of sightseeing and shopping.

“The Disney trip was something we had talked about in the future but when Chris knew he didn’t have long he booked for all of us to go,” Ceri says. “Then he told me he’d arranged a romantic trip for us in Dublin but on the way to the airport he told me we were going to New York.”

“We had the most magical time and I will savour those memories forever,” she adds.

The pricey Louboutins she always wanted? He bought them for her – along with an even more expensive Mulberry handbag.

Chris’ last grand gesture: he booked a Las Vegas getaway for Ceri’s birthday.

He didn’t live long enough to take her.

Chris died in Ceri’s arms last month. The funeral was held at the same church where they wed six months earlier.

“If my love could have saved him, he would have lived forever. We packed so much into the short time we had together,” says Ceri.

“His illness made him live completely in the moment and he taught me to do the same.”

Miley Shocks Katy Perry With Mid-Concert Smooch

Miley Shocks Katy Perry With Mid-Concert Smooch, Spectator Katy Perry seems genuinely surprised when a performing Miley Cyrus leans into the front row., Miley Cyrus Locks Lips With Katy Perry, Duets With Flaming Lips at L.A. Show, The Los Angeles stop for Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz” tour was bound to be eventful no matter what. It did, after all, commence with Miley making a grand entrance via a slide shaped like her giant tongue, and concluded with her getting frisky with an Abe Lincoln lookalike during “Party in the USA.” But thanks to a couple very special guests, Miley’s concert at L.A.’s Staples Center took the USA-partying to a whole new Hollywood level.

One of the highlights of Miley’s Saturday concert was her performance of the loved-up ballad “Adore,” during which she encouraged fans to make out for the jumbotron’s kiss-cam (“with lots of tongue – as you can imagine, tongue is appreciated on this tour”). But the most remarkable caught-on-camera smooch undoubtedly took place between Miley and her fellow pop princess Katy Perry, who appeared totally stunned when Miley leaned into the front row for a big kiss.

“I just kissed a girl, and I liked it – a lot,” Miley told the smartphone-wielding audience, as Katy giggled, later tweeting a photo of her adorably shocked reaction.

Another memorable cameo came courtesy of an artist who may have lesser known to many of the spectators in the Staples crowd, but was clearly just as adored by Miley.

Midway through the show, Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of Oklahoma eccentrics the Flaming Lips joined Miley on her acoustic satellite stage – Wayne wearing a Santa-red suit, trailing a Mylar helium balloon that spelled out “F— YEAH” in puffy silver letters, and seeming so loopy that Miley actually asked him if he was drunk. Miley explained to the somewhat bewildered audience, “These guys have inspired me to always be myself,” admitting she was “so f—ing scared” to perform with her heroes.

While Miley and Wayne’s duet of the title track off the Lips’ landmark 2002 album “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” was not perfect – Wayne sheepishly admitted he’d “f—ed up” his own lyrics, despite Miley’s attempts to help him through the number – that was quite all right, as Miley merely suggested that they perform the entire five-minute song all over again. “It’s really an honor to sing with you tonight,” Wayne told Miley, who bowed reverently in turn.

This wasn’t the first time that Miley and Wayne had expressed their admiration for each other. Wayne sang Miley’s praises in a December 2013 Rolling Stone interview, and last month, Miley tweeted birthday wishes to Wayne, calling him one of my favorite artists OF alllllll time.”

Best Celeb Photos Of The Week

Best Celeb Photos Of The Week, Alexander Skarsgard strips down at the South Pole, while Katy Perry ignites boos on the runway.,

Top Shots: Week of February 17, 2014

Miss any of the week’s most memorable celeb moments like Bradley Cooper and Anna Wintour taking in London Fashion Week together or Julianne Hough stepping out with her new boyfriend? Check out Top Shots!

Best Celeb Photos Of The Week

Alexander Skarsgard: The “True Blood” star is a South Pole streaker! The hunky actor, 37, stripped down to his skivvies and sported a fake yellow beard as he posed for a brr-ific photo (released just this week) with his Team Noom Coach teammates during his trek with Walking With the Wounded back in December.

Best Celeb Photos Of The Week

Katy Perry: The “Dark Horse” singer got an unpleasant welcome when she walked the runway at the Moschino show at Milan Fashion Week and photographers booed her for being an hour late. (2/20/14)

The Three Simple Steps To A Super Sex Life

The Three Simple Steps To A Super Sex Life, It’s one of the best ways to strengthen and sustain a relationship, but for some couples, it’s hard to maintain a physical connection., 3 Ways to Have a Better Sex Life, My friend Barry met his wife when they were both nineteen years old. He lost his virginity to her Junior year and they continued to date for many years, got married, and are still going strong ten years into their relationship. You know what helps? They have a lot of sex. Why is that important? Among other reasons, it means they still regularly remind each other that they think the other person is sexy. This means that they still feel appreciated in ways other than “because you do things for me.” In talking with Barry, he attributes the success of his relationship in part to the fact that they have a healthy sex life.

This brings up the question: how much sex is “normal” for a couple to have? A 1994 University of Chicago study known as “The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States” is considered the most comprehensive in the field. The study showed that almost 80 percent of married couples have sex “a couple of times a month.” Thirty-two percent reported having sex two to three times per week. According to Dr. Harry Fisch, a Dr. Oz contributor, married couples under 30 years of age on average have sex with each other about twice a week. For married couples between the ages of 50-59, the frequency is about once a week.

If these numbers seem high to you, don’t despair. Some couples don’t feel the need to express their love in this manner as frequently as others do. If this number feels low to you, awesome, here’s why: there’s a whole slew of studies about how having regular sex can help you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sex relieves stress. It triggers the release of chemicals that improve mood and ease pain. It even increases immunity from viruses. So if you are in a strong monogamous relationship I am of the firm opinion that you should have a lot of sex. It’s for your own good.

Are you still in despair? In my experience, the people who worry about whether they have a healthy sex life are the people who feel like they want sex more than their partner. If someone is in a relationship and both parties are into a once a week Saturday night romp-fest, then I don’t hear many complaints. If someone is knocking boots with their partner all across town two to three times a day they might get a bit sore over time, but those complaints are mild. The people I know who raise the “Is our sex life healthy?” question see a discrepancy between their sex drive and their partner’s and begin to worry about all sorts of things because of it.

If you worry about whether the amount of sex you have is healthy, look to whether you and your partner have healthy communication. Here are a few tips to get things back on track:

1. Pick your moment to discuss wisely

So you want to brooch the “I’d like to have more/different/awesomer sex” topic, the best moment is not during the halftime at the Super Bowl. It’s not right when you both get home from work. It’s not even right after sex, when he thinks he just rocked your world and might get confused. Pick a time when you are in the same space for an extended period of time and can have a conversation without a lot of interruption. Over morning coffee, for example.

2. Communicate from the heart, and about what you like

If your guy hears that he’s not satisfying you he may get defensive. We’re a bit childish when it comes to these things, so offer a lot of positive reinforcement. Tell him what you like about your sex life, and how you might want it more (or differently) and why. Speak from the heart, so he also remains open with you and doesn’t try to shut down or change the topic.

3. Initiate sex in simple ways

Men don’t want to always be the one who initiate sex. I have one friend who told me that his wife wants it more frequently than he does. She lets him know that in simple ways, by reaching out and touching him, or kissing him discreetly in public on their way home. Or grabbing his hand and dragging him into the bedroom. Not unlike you ladies, we men have the desire to feel desired. Yes we’re good for household chores and a warm body to sleep next to, but we need to know that you need us to get off too. So reach out in simple physical ways and don’t be surprised if we respond in kind. The answer to the “Is your sex life healthy” question ultimately won’t be found in a survey. It will be based in communication with your partner and making sure you’re having the amount and type of sex you both feel good about. So if you’re worried about this question, talk to your lover, and get back on track.

Taste Test: Which Hot Sauce Is The Best?

Taste Test: Which Hot Sauce Is The Best?, Ten popular sauces were blind-tested to find the best heat level and overall taste, colour and consistency., Hot Sauce Taste Test, Whether you’re looking to add extra alarms to your chili, give your omelets some oomph, or just put more spice in your life, hot sauce hits the spot. For many, it is a must-have condiment for a variety of homegrown and international cuisines, adding a dash of smoky heat to dishes as varied as pasta Bolognese, burgers, chilaquiles, lo mein, Buffalo wings, eggs, ramen, and fish and chips. A great hot sauce shouldn’t overwhelm food but bring out flavor while adding some fire. We wanted to find a sauce that had a good heat level without being outrageous, with a slightly smoky quality, a vinegary bite, and a subtle sweetness. Color and consistency were also considerations. A bright, vibrant sauce that wasn’t too thick or too watery was just what we were looking for. After blind-testing 10 widely available varieties, we found some sauces that ignited our palates and a few that flamed out.

Best Hot Sauce Overall: Frank’s Red Hot ($3.29 for 12 fluid ounces) Pros: Judges savored the tangy, bright taste and strong spiciness. “This sauce would be really chicken-wing-friendly,” said one tester. “Addictive!” raved another.
Cons: Some tasters noted that this sauce was a little salty.

First Runner-Up: Crystal ($1.99 for 12 fluid ounces)
Pros: “A little lemony, very bright,” noted one taster. Others enjoyed this sauce’s thinner consistency and bold red coloring. The general consensus? “Hot and tasty!”
Cons: Some judges found this sauce to be too acidic.

Second Runner-Up: Cholula ($3.29 for 5 fluid ounces)
Pros: Tasters were taken with the strong earthy flavors and smoky aroma of this sauce. “Lots of visible spices, great flavor,” commented one tester. The thickness of the sauce was also very appealing to the judges, who noted that it would make an excellent topping for tacos and other Mexican dishes.
Cons: Most judges felt this sauce was on the mild side-if your taste runs to fiery, look elsewhere.

The Other Contenders
Texas Pete was praised for its quick and potent heat, while Sriracha and Valentina were both admired for their complex flavors and thicker consistencies. Judges liked the straightforward burn of Tabasco and the strong but slightly less stinging heat of Red Devil, but both lost points for being highly acidic and watery. Louisiana earned points for its hints of sweetness but was ultimately judged too salty and tomatoey. And Tapatío lost favor among the tasters because of its unappealing dark brownish-red color and gritty texture.

Additional Taste Test Details
All 10 types of hot sauce evaluated are available in supermarkets nationwide. In order from highest to lowest score achieved, they are: Frank’s Red Hot, Crystal, Cholula, Texas Pete, Sriracha, Valentina, Red Devil, Tabasco, Louisiana, and Tapatío.

Methodology: In a blind taste test, judges compared the flavor, consistency, and appearance of 10 brands of hot sauce. Results were ranked using the Epicurious four-fork rating system (four being best).

Paul Walker Leaves $25 Million Estate To Daughter

Paul Walker Leaves $25 Million Estate To Daughter, The late actor’s will states that his assets, including a $10 million home, should go to his teen daughter., Paul Walker Leaves $25 Million Estate to Daughter, Paul Walker has left his entire estate to his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow. The late actor, who died in a horrific car crash Nov. 30, had assets worth $25 million, including a $10 million home, according to Walker’s will, which was filed in Santa Barbara, California, on Jan. 28.

Walker, who was 40 at the time of his death, had the document prepared in 2001, the same year that “The Fast and the Furious” was released. By that time, he’d already banked some cash for his work in teen movies like “Varsity Blues” and “She’s All That.”

In the legal document, Walker appointed his father, also named Paul, to manage his affairs, and his mother, Cheryl, to serve as the guardian of his daughter, whom he shared with ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain.

Meadow grew up with her mom in Hawaii, but had relocated to California more than two years ago to live with her dad, which Walker loved. “He told me recently he was the happiest he’d ever been,” the actor’s friend Brandon Birtell told People after he died. “It was directly because of the growing relationship with his daughter and the clarity that brought to his life.”