Amanda Knox Appeal

Amanda Knox Appeal, The family of Amanda Knox said the testimony today by the DNA experts to appeal her conviction murdered Italian was “huge” and to the American exchange student “another day closer to the freedom. ”

The Knox family has been supported by the testimony of experts appointed by the court, which said the charge collection, handling and interpretation of DNA on two pieces of crucial evidence used to convict Knox of killing her roommate was clearly erroneous.

Knox, pale and fragile, her mother smiled slightly at the beginning of the hearing that could determine whether it is released from prison to finish her sentence or 26 years.

At the end of the hearing, however, it was more emotional.

“She was relieved. Another day done, another day closer to freedom, “her mother Edda Mellas told ABC News.

“After hearing Amanda told me she loves me and I gave him a big hug. It feels good, feel better, but still return to confinement, “said Mellas.

Mellas was delighted by the testimony of DNA experts and independent Stefano Conti Vecchiotti Carla, who were appointed by the court to review the evidence DNA testing. Their review was very critical of the evidence.

“It was powerful … huge, “said Mellas.

One thing the experts have been criticized investigators with a dirty rubber glove when handling evidence.

“To see [glove] before a judge was nice. It’s one thing to hear from parents, defense experts. That’s another thing to have someone appointed by the court to say” said Chris Mellas, stepfather of Amanda.

Knox, 24, was convicted with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 27, of stabbing her roommate British Meredith Kercher to death in November 2007 in Perugia, Italy, where the two girls were spending the year study.

Conti and
Vecchiotti testified today that they found no DNA or blood on the blade of a knife found in Sollecito’s kitchen is that prosecutors claimed was the murder weapon. Prosecutors had argued at trial that the knife had DNA from both Knox and Kercher on her.
The experts told the court how the clasp throat was treated by investigators have been contaminated with DNA from Sollecito. They also criticized the way the DNA on the clasp was tested. Before concluding her testimony today, the experts recommended that the clasp bra should be excluded from the case.

Independent DNA experts told the court that the investigation team violated numerous protocols for the proper collection of DNA evidence. A ripple of laughter through the courtroom at one point that the court showed the video of detectives to collect DNA evidence, and doing the exact opposite of what the experts had simply described the appropriate method.

DNA evidence is expected to be placed in paper bags, not plastic, and should not be deleted, experts say. The evidence in the case Knox was placed in plastic bags and video slide shows investigators Q-tips for evidence, and not changing their gloves in the appropriate times.

In addition, the experts presented a catalog of errors allegedly committed by the forensic team of the charge, including how the evidence could have been contaminated, the original reports were missing some data, the DNA was not quantified at times, and how to control tests were not used.