Alec Baldwin Broadway

Alec Baldwin Broadway, “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin is to return to Broadway next spring in Lyle Kessler’s play “Orphans,” producers announced.Directed by Daniel Sullivan, and produced by Frederick Zollo and Robert Cole, this production will mark the first Broadway staging of the play.

“I have dreamed, for a long time, of doing this play with this director. It’s an honor to work with Dan Sullivan in Lyle Kessler’s ‘Orphans,’” Baldwin said in a statement Wednesday.

“In the play, two orphaned brothers are living in a decrepit North Philadelphia row house. Treat, the eldest, supports his damaged younger sibling by petty thievery, and makes the house a virtual prison for the seemingly simple-minded Phillip,” a synopsis said. “One night, he kidnaps a rich older man; Harold turns out to have his own motives and becomes the father figure the boys have always yearned for.”

Baldwin is to play the role of Harold. The roles of Treat and Phillips are yet to be cast. The show will play at a Shubert Theatre to be announced, the producers said. (UPI)